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In Senegal, GAARMI is a Wolof word meaning "descendants of royalty”, used to describe a person who is noble by blood or by character. GAARMI is made for the confident woman who loves bold colors and loves to dress and feel like the queen she is! We are your one-stop-shop for high quality and expertly handcrafted, made in Africa clothing, shoes, and accessories. Our collections include everything from elegant dresses, contemporary suit sets, statement jewelry, bags, and more. 


At GAARMI, we make contemporary African fashion accessible to stylish women, so it’s easy for them to style our pieces in their everyday looks. Every woman wants to look good and comfortable in her own skin. This brand was created to provide versatile, high-quality, yet affordable made-in African clothing, shoes, and accessories that cater to women of all sizes. Our materials include quality African prints (called Wax, Ankara, or Kitenge) sourced from the continent or made by African manufacturers such as GTP, ABC, UNIWAX, and Woodin. We also feature expertly woven cloths (called Pagne Tissé in French) made by Senegalese artisans. Working with master tailors and shoemakers in Senegal, we handcraft our clothing and shoes, and curate jewelry from all over Africa made by artisans.

About the Founder

As a Senegalese who immigrated to the US at the age of 6, Africa has always been a part of who I am and what I do. It is why I built my dream career in the international development sector and why I started GAARMI. Fashion has always been a passion too. And from a young age, I always believed that Africa has a lot to offer in the global fashion industry. Making my clothes and handbags in Senegal is a deliberate effort to help create jobs in my home country, with the hopes of one day opening a textile manufacturing factory in Senegal.

As a wife and mother, running a business, a household and everything in between--- I understand that women want the pieces they choose to make them look good, feel good,  but serve different functions in their wardrobe. GAARMI is an African fashion brand that is intentionally versatile for every woman to make any of our pieces fit her own style. Explore our pieces and you will fall in love with GAARMI.

X0X0- Fatou